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Excellence through Productivity

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyle of the people through efficient, sustainable and well planned development process with public participation...... 

History of Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat

Our Divisional Secretariat which maintains an efficient and satisfactory service through the effective management of the human and physical resources in an organized and institutionalized manner has a well over 40 years of history.

There are consists of 52 Grama Niladari divisions are situated in a distance of about 12 km parallel to the western boundary of the Galle district. The magnificent beaches and the island's of Madu River (Madu Gaga) are the main attractions of both local and foreign tourists.

There are many ancient temples and other religious places in area also schools, Teacher Training School, Technical College and Base Hospital situated in division.

There are living 97% Sinhalese, 2.6% Muslim and other 0.4% in the division. Agriculture, tourism and fishing are the main Industries in the division.

The landmark of many heroes and intellectuals, the land of Balapitiya has inherited a long and proud history. Historical details are reveal that the place where the King VI Parakumba who king of Kotte, who’s army were located in Balapitiya.

List of past Divisional Secretary 

Name Year
Mr.Berty Jayasekara 1971
Mr. P. Wijesekara  1977
Mr.W.G.J Napawala 1983
Mr.H.L Amarasekara 1983
Mr.A.P.P De Vass Gunawardane 1994
Mr. L.K Ariyarathna 2001
Mrs. Champika Kaneru 2009
Mr. Kamal Ranasinghe 2009
Mrs.Sarasi .S.Gunasekara 2012
Mrs. B.P.S Anuradhi 2017
Mr. R.M.I.B.M.C.B.Jayasinghe 2021

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නිරෝධායනය වන පවුල් සඳහා රු:5000/- ක බඩු...

News & Events


Dry Food

නිරෝධායනය වන පවුල් සඳහා රු:5000/- ක බඩු...


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