Divisional Secretary

 BPS Anuradhi
Name Mrs. B.P.S Anuradhi
  • BSc (Physical) Second upper - Uni. of Ruhuna
  • MA(Sociology) Uni.Of Kelaaniya

Work history  
  • Ast. Commisioner (Department Of Cooperative Development  -Southern Province)
  • Ast. Divisional Secretary – Karandeniya
  • Ast. Divisional Secretary – Elpitiya

Assistant Divisional Secretary 

  Name Mr. Malaka Jayasinghe
  • BSc (Hons) (Physical) – Uni Of Ruhuna

Work history

Ast. Director (Vocational Training) - Ministry of Youth Affairs & skills development.

Manager (Training Institute for Technology Professionals- Skills sector development project - Ministry of Youth affairs & skills development

Assistant Secretary (Admin) - Ministry of skills development & vocational Training

Assistant Divisional Secretary - Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat


  Name Mrs. D.H.R.N Premathunga
  • BSc(Mgt)(Sp)

Work history  
  • Accountant – Palinda- Nuwara Divisional Secretariat  
  • Accountant – Ambalangoda Divisional Secretariat  
  • Accountant – Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat  

Assistant Director (Planning)

   Name Mrs. Irosha Hinidumage

BSc (Agri)

work History
  • Agri product & project Assistant - Ministry of Agriculture
  • Assistant Director (planing) - Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat

Administrative Officer (Administration)

    Name Mrs. Samadara Jayaweera

Bachelor of Art

work History
  • Management Asst. – Ridimaliyadda Divisional Secretariat


    Management Asst. – Akmeemana Divisional Secretariat


    Management Asst. – Distric  Secretariat  - Galle


    Administration Officer - Balapitiya Divisional Secretariat

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